Services + Pricing

We offer a wide selection of Permanent Make Up services and we use federally approved pigments as coloring agents. Our Micro-pigmentation instruments are patented and specifically designed for safe and effective permanent makeup applications. We use new sterile instruments for each client. Your safety and satisfaction is my top priority.


$400  Powder Brows

$450  Microbladed Brows


$300  Eye enhancement (lash line only)

$400  Top + Bottom

$300  Men's Guy Liner (for fuller lashes, top only)


$350  Lip liner

$550  Full Lips (3 sessions)


$200  Color Corrections, neutralizing

$200  Saline Removals (2 sessions)


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Contact for details

60 Day Follow Up


Maintenance Schedule

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2 Years From Original

Please see FAQ for pricing

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I have sparse eyebrows, what are my options?

If your eyebrows are sparse, have areas of hair missing, or have no hair at all, they can be enhanced with Natural Touch. Soft natural fill-ins of color are very common procedures, and can be done with a penciled look, a powdered look, or with simulated hair strokes to look more natural.

  • Gives Your Eyebrows A Lift
  • Enhance Your Sparse Eyebrows
  • Natural Enough For Men
  • Tame Your Unruly Eyebrows
  • Reconstruct The Outer Portion Of Your Eyebrow
  • Shape The Inner Portion Of Your Eyebrow
  • Reconstruct Your Entire Eyebrow
  • Reduce The Apperance Of Scars & Wrinkles

Would I be a good candidate for eyeliner?

If you are tired of putting on your eyeliner everyday, Natural Touch can apply it for you exactly the way you like it. The most common procedures are subtle eyelash enhancements, thin eyeliner, medium eyeliner, and thick eyeliner. We can also use different colors to produce special effects for exotic eye colors.

  • Natural Eyelash Enhancement
  • Thin Eyeliner
  • Medium Eyeliner
  • Thick Eyeliner
  • Smudgy Looking Eyeliner
  • Special Effect Eyeliner
  • Natural Man Liners
  • Dark and Alluring Eyeliners
Permanent eyeliner is permanent so it is important for us to work closely with you to customize the perfect eyeliner design that fits your lifestyle and one that looks beautiful and natural on you. If you have a special look you want to achieve, bring a photo with you for your consultation. First we will create an outline in pencil to begin your new look. We are looking for the most flattering and youthful appearance for you. Less is best and we can always keep adding color until we get it exactly the way you want it.

Why would I need my lips done?

  • Re-shape Your Lips With Color
  • Lip Liner and Featering
  • Dramatic Difference For Mature Lips
  • Full Lip Color
  • Corrective Lip Color
If your lips lack color, definition, are crooked, receded, or even if they just need a little adjustment, Natural Touch color can give you just what you need to have the loveliest pout in the world.

Can permanent make up help discolorations in skin?

If you have unwanted discolorations in your skin caused by scar/burn tissue, surgery, or vitiligo, Soft Touch may be able to help. After clearance from your doctor, color can be custom blended to match your surrounding skin and implanted right over the discolored area. The results are smooth, well blended and natural.

I've had breast surgery, can permanent make up help?

Women who have undergone breast surgery in any of its forms are candidates for scar camouflage and/ or areola re-construction. If your areolas are colorless or disfigured, Soft Touch color can help restore your natural appearance with our specially designed areola pigments. Cosmetic tattooing to replace your breast areola (nipple) is the finishing touch on your road to healing. The nice thing is that you no longer have to be self conscious about the missing breast tissue. It's possible to look normal at last! Plan on 3 - 4 visits to "build your breast" with layers of color. If you 've had a breast reduction, we can help with the scars and loss of color around your areola too.

I have hair loss, can permanent make up help?

  • Hair Loss From Brows & Eyelashes
  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Restoration
  • Loss Of Facial Hair
The loss of head and facial hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, may occur as a result of illness and or treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are life-saving but may leave you staring at yourself in the mirror wondering where your hair went. Other conditions such as thyroid disease and alopecia can also cause total hair loss. Then there are also accidental causes such a car accident or a facelift. Sometimes the hair will grow back, however, often times eyelashes and eyebrows do not. Eyelashes and eyebrows can be restored with permanent make up. If you've suffered permanent loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes micro pigmentation or permanent makeup can help.

What can I expect from my eyeliner procedure?

All of the products we use are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive clients. At first your eyeliner will look much darker than the color we selected for you, however, in a few days, this will fade out at least two shades during the healing process finally changing to the beautiful color you desired. Oxidation causes colors to darken when they are exposed to air. You can expect some swelling the same day and the day after your procedure, and some tenderness in the eye area. As your eyes heal you will notice some flaking of pigment. This is very normal, as is some scabbing. We ask that yo do not itch or peel off the flakes or scabs. They must be able to fall off naturally. Healing time varies but in general the area will take about a week to appear healed. We will send you home with a home maintenance kit to help you through the next few days following your procedure.

What can I expect when I get my brows done?

When you come to your appointment you may bring a picture of a shape or color you had in mind for your eyebrows. You can even come in with your brows drawn in as you like them. We will design your brows in the Natural Touch color, exactly as you want them, create an outline, and begin your new look. If you don't have an idea of what you would like yet, we will consult with you and together we will create a beautiful looking eyebrow with permanent makeup that fits your bone structure and determine which brow shape will give you the most flattering and youthful appearance. Immediately following your procedure, you will notice that the treatment area is very dark, much darker than you originally wanted. This is due to a process called oxidation. Fresh color reacts with air and turns temporarily darker, the same way a slice of apple turns darker when it is left out for too long. Once a few days go by, you will see the color fade back to the color you originally chose within the next week. We will provide you with a post-treatment kit to use during your recovery period with instructions. You will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to make sure your brows are perfect.

Maintenance Schedule Pricing

6 Months - 1 Year (follow up optional with an additional fee of $75) Powder Brow $200 Microblading $200 Lip Liner $200 Full Lips $250 Enhancement (lash line) $140 Eyeliner $180

2 Years From Original Pricing

Powder Brow $350 Microblading $350 Lip Liner $275 Full Lips $425 Enhancement (lash line) $300 Eyeliner $225